As a contracted Senior Interactive Designer at Corus in 2009-2010, it was my task to design the Nickelodeon Canada website. I worked with basic wireframes and the On Air department provided a few station identification shorts for reference. From there I pulled elements together and added my own flare which resulted in a very playful and highly successful website that received a great review at the end of the fiscal year and was live for 7 years.      
    DUSK was a thriller and suspense television station under the Corus Entertainment umbrella that replaced the horror channel, Scream TV. This was my first project when Corus contracted me in 2009-2010. My role was to design the entire website from wireframes and very little branding to work with. For the first time at Corus, On Air used design elements from the Interactive department which I created for the site. It was a proud moment for the team and the site received a great review at the end of the fiscal. In 2012, DUSK was discontinued so that Corus could make room for ABC Spark.   “Christine enthusiastically took on the design of a new specialty channel website that had a still-vague brand identity and no graphic assets for her to work with. Despite these challenges she did a fantastic job translating the “look and feel” of this undefined brand into a solid and stylish website (”  -  Karen Wilkinson, Interactive Producer, Corus Entertainment, 2010       
    Another fun website that I designed while on contract at Corus. This was through Treehouse TV and my task was to design an online party package site where one could choose from a party theme or customize their own and print out the whole party package. I designed how the site would navigate and function and worked with an illustrator who developed the characters within the various party themes.       
    While at BMO as a Senior Web Designer, I designed the bilingual pages for this Investorline youth web campaign meant to target 25-35 year olds. I created the photo manipulated images and the game layout as well as the overall layout with icon designs.  Also shown are the alternate concepts I had created during the development.       
    I designed the bilingual online presence for the Buenos Aires National Sales Conference for BMO Insurance.      
 Here are a couple of ecard samples that I created for BMO Insurance and BMO Financial Group.       
    Here is another example of one of many monthly ‘spike’ pages that I created for the YTV website. Corus wanted an April Fools and Easter combined theme. With provided copy, I designed the theme to blend with the YTV brand.      
    This was a lovely yoga garment online catalog that I created in Flash back in 2009. Each page swept over a large colourful background that created beautiful fluid continuity from page to page.       
    A banner design that I created for the Babar website via Treehouse TV which was a new Corus site in 2010. I loved Babar when I was a little girl so it was sweet to create this one. I created the edges based on Babar's chair and chose the imager for the ad.      
    Experts Search 2010 was a show featured on W Network. While on contract at Corus Entertainment in 2009-2010, my design was pitched along with concepts by the rest of the full-time Interactive team. The stakeholders and executives chose my concept and so I designed the entire site. I only had the show title and photographs of the people shown to work with where I then created a military and girl guide inspired theme throughout. At the end of the fiscal year, this along with DUSK and Nick were three of the four web projects celebrated by the team. It was a proud moment for me, especially being a contractor.      
    This is an E Newsletter design that I created for Clear Medicine at the time of its inception. I also designed the Clear Medicine logo as well as some business and sales collateral pieces for Dr. Natasha Turner who has since written best selling books and made several appearances on Dr. Oz.       
    This was one of my early website designs that I created in 2002 for a jazz venue in Toronto which was inspired by 1950s and 60s design. It's one of my favourite styles to play with when clients will let me.       
    This was the first website that I ever created which launched in 2001. This was one of many Flash based sites that I created and art directed as well. Fiona loved my concept for the site that I pitched and so I got her to create drawings which she did in black ink to accommodate the sections to her site that I coloured in and animated. This was a very successful site which won a couple web awards at the time, as well I was asked to do a Flash In TO presentation, a highly respected speakers series for new media in Toronto. The site led Fiona to becoming the first Canadian artist to do an art residency in Taipei, Taiwan and be part of a group art show in Venice where she exhibited a massive outdoor piece beside Yoko Ono's work which was also featured in the show.       
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