Who’s that girl?

Christine grew up in the heart of the Thousand Islands living an artistic life that came to her naturally. During her childhood, she was focused on drawing, painting and mastering fonts in private calligraphy classes. She began to sell paintings and do calligraphic commission work when she was only ten years old. 

She moved to the Greater Toronto Area to study Graphic Design. Upon graduating, she took post graduate studies in 3D Animation, Interactive Multimedia and Children’s Book Writing. After college, she explored her musical side which came to no surprise by those who have long known her for she’s been whistling since she was a ten month old infant!

Christine maintains an ‘If I can think it, I can do it’ attitude which has enabled her to become a diverse, award winning Graphic Designer, accomplished self produced Recording Artist and most recently, a Published Writer. 

Aside from her broad roles in Graphic Design (branding, print, digital, video), Christine has worn many other hats including a jazz music festival Co-Producer and a Media Manager for the first ever circumnavigation of the globe by only human power by Angus Adventures.

When Christine is not busy creating or taking part in community projects, she is happiest leading a healthy lifestyle, preparing delicious veg food, getting outside to explore nature either by foot, bicycle or skis and checking out cool places whether it’s a gallery or some random spot or significant piece of history.