Music is a universal voice.
even when we speak, it is music.

For more than 20 years, I've been recording my own music and vocals. I've also done a bit of Voice Over work for a few web and radio projects in that time frame. My music has been featured in the award winning Canadian documentary, Beyond the Horizon by Colin and Julie Angus and a UK independent film entitled, Where the Dogs Divide Her. Below are some places where you can hear my voice and music. 

I am available to do voice work. My turn around time can be fast since I have the option to record and edit from home. 

If you are interested in my voice, commissioning new music or using existing music for film or television purposes please send me an email via my contact page with a subject line that reads, MUSIC & VOICE. You may also purchase my music for your personal listening pleasure here: and

Thanks so much! 



Je Danse dans la discotheque avec toulouse lautrec

This is a single from my soon to be released second solo album entitled, Wanderlust Wishing Well. I wrote and produced this song. 


When I graduated college, I formed and fronted a band and wrote almost all of the music. I sing and play electric guitar. It was a 60s inspired garage rock band and in 2005, this archival album (of mostly our 90s recordings and three 2005 recording of songs written and mostly performed in the 90s) was released on Teen Sound Records in Italy. 


This is a single from my soon to be released second solo album entitled, Wanderlust Wishing Well. I wrote Twinkle and the song is co-produced by my friend, Fernando Perdomo and I. I am singing and playing electric sitar. I invited several friends to accompany me musically. 

Tapping Trees in a trinket box of treasure

This is my debut solo album released in 2012 featuring me singing and playing various musical instruments, mostly guitar and some of the keyboard tracks. I wrote the music, produced the music and invited several friends to accompany me musically. I am playing everything on Miss Betty Grable and Tipsy. 

my heart has been broken by one unfit to name

In 2010, I was approached by UK independent film makers to create music for their Lynchian style thriller. This was the result after they provided a poem, My Heart Has Been Broken By One Unfit To Name, that they wanted me to adapt to music. On this track, I sing, play synth and wrote the music. 

other music projects

Sheet music : the diary of a songwriter

I co-wrote a book by Devine Evans about sexual injustice in the music industry along with 100 plus women in music from around the globe. To accompany the book, we recorded an album. I was invited to sing on the track Winding Roads which can be heard on iTunes. Here is a short sequence from the song. (2016)

dave kerzner new world

I'm singing on Ocean of Stars and Redemption. You may hear the tracks on Bandcamp. Also accompanying me on vocals for Ocean of Stars are Durga McBroom and Lorelei McBroom of Pink Floyd. They sing at the very end and I sing the choir parts throughout. (2014)


I'm singing in the first and third verses, the chorus as well as playing electric guitar and banjo. (2009)

Cadillac bill & the creeping bent : Eating out

In 1996-97, I was the female backing vocalist and on a song or two I sang duet style leads for this rockabilly inspired pop band. 


I arranged the female vocals for the song, Part of Your Life. (2008)