One of several ads I created while at Spin Master Toys during a year of exponential growth for the company thanks to the Air Hogs product. This particular ad was also used as a massive sign at a German toy show.       
    Another early ad campaign I created at Truestar Health.       
    A simple ad page background I designed incorporating business cards submitted to tie together a Nascar theme. When freelancing I sometimes take on other tasks. In this case, I was doing cold call ad sales for an entertainment weekly magazine for a short time when I moved to a new city and was told by the president of the publication that I was the highest cold call sales rep in their ten year history. That was back in early 2005. Having a music entertainment background and being a design professional gave me an edge, earning the respect of those I targeted. Building theme pages helped to close the deal every time.       
    Here is an ad that I created for Dave Kerzner's New World release. I designed the album art as well and created several music videos for the project. This ad was placed in Prog Magazine in the UK.       
    One of several coupon designs that I created while Creative Director at U Weight Loss.       
    I designed the logo and business cards as well as website and other marketing pieces for Leak Marker.      
    I designed the logo and business cards for Digital Photofavors.      
    Here are a couple of sample backgrounds that I designed for the YTV site in 2010.         
    Here are some screen shots from the Steel City Pro Wrestling website that I designed where I drew inspiration from 80s wrestling on TV and superhero comics. You may view it here:          
    I created the website for 80s major label metal rocker, Marc Ferrari (KEEL, Pantera, Cold Sweat, Medicine Wheel, Wayne's World, MasterSource). Marc wanted a website with an easy to read, clean and simple layout that featured his various projects and passions. You may view it here:          
    Women Can Do Anything was a 90s - 2000s website crafted for Canadian women to network, promote and propel in business, women's issues, events and more. I was asked to create a feminine and empowering logo, hence the salmon and brown tones. I had also designed the website and various sales collateral for the client.             
    This is one of many logo designs that I have created for various independent recording artists and singer/songwriters from around the globe.             
    Here is a logo that I recreated for a Toronto based architect boutique firm based on a rough hand drawing concept by the architect.       
    This was a logo that I created many moons ago for a small business that sold organic plant food for the garden.          
    2wenty Two Days is a logo element for a 22 day practice to form a positive habit that was incorporated into marketing materials that I also created for a Miami based life coach.             
    Hamilton Osteopathic asked me to design their logo and incorporate hands. Here is the chosen concept where the hands portray the movement of fluid waves relative to their form of Osteopathic practice.             
    I rebranded this design firm in 2008.             
    The French Group was a Toronto based small corporate business who hired me earlier in my career to design their logo (also with the stipulation to incorporate an arrow) as well as sales and business print collateral. In the clients own words: “Rebranding a company is a complex process. Christine intuitively understood our requirements for a distinct, upscale professional look which delivers impact through simplicity. We are delighted with the results...”            
    In 2004, I was a title sponsor for the Hamilton Music Awards. As part of the sponsorship I designed the branding, print and promotional materials as well as motion graphics for the award ceremonies. “Christine is responsible for Hamilton Music Scene 2004 and the 2004 Hamilton Music Awards graphic design. She designed our posters, display ads, event programme, banners and much more. She tolerated all of our last minute requests and changes. A veteran in the music business, Christine's expertise is hard to come by. I highly recommend Christine for any of your projects.” -  Jean-Paul Gauthier, Director of the Hamilton Music Awards.              
    Miscellaneous logo concepts I have pitched to clients.  From the Lister Arts (Hamilton gallery) concepts, the client wanted a logo resembling a wax seal and so I created a graphic of an architectural element from the building - a flower to incorporate. I had also pitched alternate ideas incorporating waterfalls which Hamilton is known for. The flooring in Lister was colourful and so I suggested bringing that out in the logo to create continuity. They were set on the wax seal and so I pulled elements from the crown moulding at Lister Block to incorporate into the design.          
    I designed this for Matrix Marketing Concepts many moons ago. I used my own hand as a reference.             
    A brochure that I designed for U Weight Loss.      
    A fall campaign direct mailer that I designed for U Weight Loss.      
     A Valentine campaign direct mailer that I designed for U Weight Loss.       
    This was a health newsletter that I designed which we included in our customer shipments at Truestar Health.       
    An example of municipal brochures that I designed for the city of Toronto.       
    Net Trax is a lost baggage tracking system product that I designed the brand and packaging and marketing pieces for.       
    Various brochure designs for Truestar Health that I designed.       
    An example of sales brochures that I designed for new urban real estate development. I also had to redraw the floor plans as we worked from fax copies. It helped that I took six drafting classes during my teens and almost pursued architecture! I was top in my class and was even asked by my high school drafting teacher to design a utility barn for one of his clients which was built.       
    Another Truestar for Women direct mailer that I designed. I also created magazine and newspaper ads for each of these and wound up hiring and mentoring a junior designer to do the ad production.       
    Love Letters direct mailer campaign where we would feature a new weight loss success story bi-weekly.       
    I co-designed a series of Home Depot brochures including these.       
    This campaign was created as direct mail pieces, sales pieces for our door to door marketers and in outdoor advertising. This look I created with leaping ladies and measuring tape also sparked a trend in the weight loss world.       
     This is a 2015 promotional postcard that I created, collaged and photo manipulated like I do for many projects and clients. It was included in the Dave Kerzner  New World  limited edition CD box set.        
    A foldout poster I designed as part of the packaging that I also designed for the USA album release,  To Love The Bee Gees: A Tribute to the Brothers Gibb . The album is brilliantly curated featuring many renowned and very talented recording artists.      
    A sandwich board design that I created along with the logo for RMT, Jen Fleming.       
    Window sign that I created for Dieroff Osteopathy. I also designed the logo.       
    A storefront window sign that I designed for Garvey's Mens Wear.       
    PowerUP sandwich board design that I created for Truestar Health. I also designed the PowerUP logo.      
    A sandwich board design that I created for Truestar which was used at third party gyms who carried our products.       
    Window decals I designed for third party gyms who carried Truestar Health products.      
    A vinyl banner that I had created which was displayed at the completion of Julie and Colin's first ever circumnavigation of the globe by only human power. I obtained title sponsorship for them from Truestar Health. I created several other signs and the ticker tape at their finale event in Vancouver, BC.       
    An example of a poster design I created for the City of Toronto.       
    Some examples of gig posters that I have designed over time.      
    For fun, here is a very old design that I created which was a small poster and flyer. I used to enjoy hand drawing and doing raw cut and paste style designs when I proclaimed myself as the anti-designer after graduating college for Graphic Design.       
    A poster design I created and illustrated for a one man play in Toronto entitled, Big Thinging.      
    This was a large sign hung at a German toy trade show that I designed for Spin Master Toys. Air Hogs was the largest profiting toy product for the company.      
    Examples of folders that I designed for Truestar Health.      
    An example of various packaging production that I worked on while at Spin Master Toys.      
    Truestar Health TrueBAR packaging that I designed. I also photographed the protein bars.       
    I designed the logo and business card for King West Village Medical Centre.      
    This was a double sided flyer that I designed for RV Hotline to hand out at trade shows where I had also created the trade show display which matched this look and feel. I also designed the entire brand for them at the time in 2008.       
    Here are a few magazine ad examples that I designed for Truestar Clinic, an integrative preventative health clinic in Toronto which was under the Truestar Health umbrella where I was Creative Director.       
    Some more samples of direct mailers for Truestar for Women.       
    A multi page fold out kit that I created with a comic superhero theme for a small design firm that I was hired on to rebrand their image. I hired a copywriter to work with me on this piece which was used at business trade shows. Also created for the kit were lapel 'branded' buttons.        
    A magazine ad example that I designed for Truestar Clinic, an integrative preventative health clinic in Toronto which was under the Truestar Health umbrella.  Christine Leakey - Twinkle from the soon to be released album, Wanderlust Wishing Well. This was a video that I created and released in 2016. I directed a friend who filmed me and I edited it. You may view Twinkle here:     Christine Leakey - Lovely from the album, Tapping Trees In A Trinket Box Of Treasure. This was a video that I created and released in late 2011. A couple friends and cousin also filmed a few small clips included in the video. The video received praise worldwide from various music blogs. You may view Lovely here:     Christine Leakey - Sweet Dreams from the album, Wanderlust Wishing Well which will be released soon. I shot and edited this video except for film screen shots which my friends in San Diego shot for me.       
    This is the 2011 single artwork that I designed and art directed for my Christine Leakey - Lovely Lullabies & Apple Pies release.      
    A magazine ad example that I designed for Truestar Clinic, an integrative preventative health clinic in Toronto which was under the Truestar Health umbrella.       
    Here are a few Corus Entertainment website examples where I designed elements for an existing site or designed an updated version for the new television season. For Viva I created the main stacked banner elements along the left column; For March Break I created the portraits and the Daily Challenge insert as well as layout; For The Next Star, I designed the 2010 season which was similar in design to the previous season.          
    While at BMO as a Senior Web Designer, I designed the bilingual pages for this Investorline youth web campaign meant to target 25-35 year olds. I created the photo manipulated images and the game layout as well as the overall layout with icon designs.  Also shown are the alternate concepts I had created during the development.          
    In addition to designing the DUSK TV website, I also designed the online ads for the channel and eNewsletters. Here is one of several examples.          
    Here is another sample of a BMO Investorline online campaign that I designed.          
    Here are portions of a steampunk meets nature inspired website that I designed. I had photographed various elements to collage together what you see. It was an exciting project that would have had various interactive elements and motion depicted.         
    While at Truestar Health as Creative Director, I designed various pages for the website as shown here.        
    Branded was a marketing element for the launch of the new Synergy Pro Solutions rebrand that I created. This was made into lapel buttons for a business trade show. A comic book superhero theme in red, white and blue was also my source of inspiration.            
     A Christmas campaign direct mailer that I designed for U Weight Loss.       
    Various magazine ad samples from the first advertising campaign I created along with a copywriter for Truestar for Women while Creative Director at Truestar Health. I also created direct mail pieces, sales kits and several outdoor advertisements with this look and feel which received great praise and thanks from our membership.        
    A couple of ad samples I designed for The First Toronto Fringe Jazz Festival when I was the festival co-producer. I wore many hats during a ten week stretch where I also designed the festival book, website and more which you can learn about on my community involvement page.        
    Sax on Yonge (Toronto jazz venue) entertainment weekly ads that I created along with the rest of their brands look and feel.       
     Every two weeks we were sending out direct mailers. I would be given a days notice to create them and would in that time come up with a visual theme and implement it based on the teaser phrase provided by the copywriter. They   sparked great interest at our trade show booth at the CHFA and also set a new marketing trend in the weight loss industry for awhile as I started receiving in my mail at home similar pieces from competitors.         
    An example of various outdoor advertisements, window decals and billboards that I created for Truestar for Women which were seen at Go Train Stations surrounding the Greater Toronto Area.       
    I designed the treatment for this  300 Rise of an Empire  display for the Canadian DVD release.      
    I was asked to design DVD displays for Canadian retail locations including Future Shop that incorporated both  Sex and the City  and  The Sopranos . It was hugely successful and used in several seasons. I was given freedom to go outside the brand and so I tied the two shows together with a heart shaped die cut and roses which represent the shows.      
    Full coverage window decals that I designed for a small independent grocer, Vince's. I was inspired to create a big and bold look and feel reminiscent of pop art.       
    Watering Solutions product packaging concept that I designed. I also designed logo.      
    In 2015, I co-wrote a book entitled,  SHEET MUSIC The Diary Of A Songwriter  which is about sexual injustice in the music industry along with 100 women in music from around the globe. The book is authored by multi-Grammy winning producer, Devine Evans. I flew to Los Angeles twice for this project, first for a meeting about the book and photo shoot at Henson Studios and then for the book launch on Valentine's Day, 2016 at the Avalon in Hollywood. The event included special guest performances by St. Beauty and DJ Spinderella. Special guests in attendance included Vanessa Simmons and Janelle Monae.       
  Other community involvement has included:     T.E.A.D. The Equestrian Association For The Disabled (2008-2010)   I assisted people of all ages and levels of disabilities to ride equestrian and take and groom the horses.    Title Sponsor for the 2004 Hamilton Music Awards  Designed the branding for the HMA, HMS and September Seventh Entertainment; Designed all collateral including advertisements, programme, posters and signs; Created motion graphics for the big screen winner announcements at the award ceremonies.   Interactive Presenter, FlashinTO (2003)  Featured woman in Flash design and development; Gave a Flash presentation focused on which won a web design award and won Fiona an art residency in Taipei, Taiwan.    The Drive To Survive Charity Golf Tournament, Nobleton Lakes Golf & Country Club (1999-2002)  I was proud to volunteer my ideas and time. During these four annual events, we successfully raised $136,000 for the Schizophrenia Society of Ontario.   The tournaments were MC'd by Toronto's CITY TV personality, the late Mark Daley and our auctions were MC'd by NHL retiree, Daryl Sittler. We had live music at lunch by Selwyn Gomes and during our cocktail hour. We featured many prizes from a year lease for a BMW convertible, large cash prizes, a sail boat, and various smaller prizes.          
    I created several pages and components within the U Weight Loss Clinic website between 2007-2008. Here are a few examples.       
    I created several pages and components within the U Weight Loss Clinic website between 2007-2008. Here are a few examples.       
    While at Questrade as Senior Digital Designer, I created various layouts for the web pages and designed online banner ads as shown here.       
 Here is a website concept that I created for Morning Coach, a life coaching service in the USA.       
    Trust Realty Group is a Toronto based real-estate firm. I designed their website along with its sub-sites for the various agent pages which are linked on the team's page. The client wanted a colourful yet cleverly clean layout and so voila! Happy clients, happy designer.          
    For YTV, I designed many monthly ‘spike’ pages which would feature program listings in creative ways to attract a younger audience to the website. For this spike page, I was provided raw copy and direction to create a  Game Drop Wednesday  which is similar to a Christmas calendar where each day revealed a new game release in November 2009. I chose to design the page with an early 80s video game inspired theme which YTV loved and continued to use graphic elements from this for other portions of the site.       
    One of many magazine ads that I created for U Weight Loss bi-monthly campaigns.    
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