Created for Healing Waves Reiki who wanted the logo to incorporate a hand, a wave and a horse. I created the image for the back of the card as well.      
    I designed the business card, logo and other print and digital elements for Jen Fleming, RMT. Jen wanted me to incorporate the spine and hands. She loves nature and so I created it as a leaf in how the hands are cupping and nurturing the spine.         
    I designed the logo, business cards and other print and digital marketing pieces for Clear Medicine, a wellness boutique owned by Dr. Natasha Turner who is often featured on Dr. Oz. She wanted a fresh and clean feeling through simplicity in design.         
    I designed the logo and business cards for Trans DR, a Chicago based company who approached me to design their logo while incorporating an arrow and the colour green. Presto, they chose this classic design from my concepts!       
    I designed the logo and these cleaning service cards for the Iovate internal cleaning service.    
    I designed the logo and business cards as well as signs for Dieroff Osteopathy. The client was very specific in wanting a golden key incorporated into their name along with a serif font. They were very pleased with the results and expressed it exceeded their expectation.          
    Designed for American guitarist and guitar teacher, Grant Ossendryver. I decided to do this in an Art Deco style which my client loves.         
    Steel City Pro Wrestling had a similar logo but needed an update. This is the result. I modified the phoenix like bird they were already using and added colour and the adapted a new font treatment and graphic to tie it together. The client wanted something classic and so I drew my inspiration from old steel workers union emblems and superheroes.            
    Twice is a Canadian Independent film by Digital Canaries that I was asked to create a logo and movie poster for. This was the only concept I created which was approved. There have been a number of times where clients have chosen the first logo concept that I've created from a group of choices presented. I take pride in being a good listener.         
    Girl Spoken (Filles Fantastique) was a bilingual Ontario outreach program for young teen girls during the 2000s which provided an outlet for them to share social issues they encounter through art and writing. I was asked to design their logo in a way that was bright, positive, playful and youthful. I had also designed their website and parts of a book that they published.          
    Rock Elite is a new music school for children in New England. I was asked to create something blue and classic that would tie in old and new. I created a few stunning concepts which I may later share and this one was the winner!         
    This was created for a small start-up company for spray foam. The client wanted something happy and uplifting which would illustrate the foam.         
    I created this logo for a not-for-profit community arts and theatre organization in Brantford, Ontario.          
    Pawsapalooza was a fundraiser event to help animal rescues in need. I was asked to create a playful logo along with a poster to promote their event.      
    This is a Holistic Nutritionist concept that I created for a client who wanted water, lemon and lavender incorporated.          
    Leak Marker approached me to design their logo, website and some sales collateral. The product is a filter of sorts that helps to prevent plumbing leaks and is incorporated into the design (red circle with tabs). The A in leak has a water drop which pleased the client as well.          
    King West Village is an integrated health clinic who approached me while started up to design their logo and business collateral. They wanted modern and hip. In their words: “What can we say? Christine Leakey is the ‘Best Kept Secret In Toronto!’ The logo designed by Christine exceeded our expectation regarding branding as well as conveying our mission statement and philosophy via our business cards and brochure. ‘You go girl!’”         
    Bead Junction was a Toronto bead boutique. I designed this logo for them when the business began in 2003.            
    Drive Line is an internal magazine for McKinnon Transport Inc, one of Canada's top 50 best managed companies. I designed the look and feel for their magazine as well as its logo as shown.         
    Eight years ago, I created this logo for RV Hotline, Canada's classified RV trader site.          
    Designed for Sax on Yonge, a downtown Toronto jazz club during the early 2000's.         
    Here are some examples of icon designs for various projects that I have created for tools in application software, navigation, images to represent a topic or simply to enhance a layout.          
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