Here are some of examples from all the point of purchase marketing display pieces and assembly instructions that I designed for the Canadian DVD release of  300 .       
    Trade show display concepts that I created for  Happy Feet . I worked with some provided elements and was given the freedom to create new elements for this display.   
    These are DVD counter top display concepts that I created for Matrix and Blade Runner.       
    Various other DVD displays that I designed for  Deadwood , sports DVDs,  Entourage , and Mother's Day featuring  Nip/Tuck,   Six Feet Under  and  Sex and the City . For  Deadwood , I was given freedom to go beyond the brand again and so I created the wanted poster and horse tacking post with emblem.      
    Trade show displays that I designed for McMaster University's engineering program.       
    Ballot box and ballot design that I created for U Weight Loss. I also wrote the copy.      
    A few examples of Little Caesars translites I designed (backlit menu displays) that hang over the cash counter.       
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