This Love Yourself First direct mailer was our second most successful campaign to the Yummy Mummy campaign. Again, I designed the mailer to have a seamless flow while also collaging various images together to create something beautiful that wouldn't just get thrown away.       
    A postcard that I designed and photo edited along with font treatment for the Vegan T-shirt company, Plenty Sweet Enough.       
    One of many production design samples of flyers that I created for various grocery stores including Sobey's, Longo's and D'AG NYC.        
    Promotional postcards that I designed for Clear Medicine. I also designed the Clear Medicine logo.      
    Christmas party postcard invitation for Truestar Health.       
     This Yummy Mummy direct mailer campaign caused a 20% increase in sales at Truestar for Women. I enjoyed creating these direct mailer campaigns to have a design that flowed seamlessly. I don't just like to throw down a stock image, it's great to create a flow and collage together   various images to tell a story.        
    One of many magazine ads that I created for U Weight Loss bi-monthly campaigns.       
    Gift certificates were one of the components to bi-monthly advertising campaigns that I designed for U Weight Loss.       
    Garvey's Mens Wear postcards and direct mailers that I designed. These designs were an entirely new look and feel for their marketing pieces that I created. Oftentimes the client loves the first concept which was the case here and for all the Truestar and U Weight Loss as well.       
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