To Love The Bee Gees - A Tribute to the Brothers Gibb is a 2015 release that I designed and illustrated the album artwork and poster insert for this USA compilation release featuring Mary Margaret O'Hara, Isobel Cambpell (Belle & Sebastian), Emitt Rhodes, Dylan Gardner, Brazzaville, The Boy Joys, SheLoom, Martin Carr, Low Leaf, Kinky, Myron & E, The Silver Seas, Jess Delgado and more. It also includes an essay written by David Wild.       
    DVD special edition box designs that I created for Scooby Doo, Looney Tunes and Hanna Barbara.       
     I designed this album art, creating a visual fantasy world which depicts the story told within the song lyrics. The band is  Alpha Lighting System , a young Mexico City based progressive rock trio. The album is entitled,   Walking On An Earlthlike Planet   .    It was great fun to work on interpreting the music and my clients were more than pleased.        
     This is Dave Kerzner's   New World   release which came in various formats. I designed the album artwork and booklets for the standard and deluxe editions, the bonus disk of outtakes and the booklet for the box set. Each page features digital artwork tailored to the individual songs. I also created several music videos based on these visual interpretations for promotion and live concert projections.     The first track,  Stranded  which I created a lyric video for and co-directed and edited the official video was nominated for Best Rock Anthem by   Prog Magazine  's   Progressive Music Awards   in England and also received a   Hamilton Music Award   nomination for Best Album Art in Canada.       
   Wanderlust Wishing Well is my second full length solo album which is on vinyl and CD. Shown here is the vinyl edition with printed inner sleeve and a translucent two tone blue vinyl. I designed and illustrated the artwork except the painting of me I commissioned Antonella Sigismondi to create. I worked with a few photographers as well to accomplish the images of me underwater, with wolves, a fox, a skunk, and my dog. For the limited edition, I designed wishing coins as shown.        
     Carlin - Cabana is a 2015 single release that I designed for a Canadian hiphop/RnB artist.       
    I designed the album art for my 2012 debut independent solo album release entitled,  Tapping Trees In A Trinket Box Of Treasure . Also shown is the limited edition series I created featuring hand sewn sleeve with bunting flag detailing and acrylic on balsa wood artwork.   The artwork collectively tells a story that goes like this: On the cover, I am curtsying and the back cover is who and what I am curtsying to. There are buds growing from roses that are breaking off from the ground and floating upwards into the sky to outer space. I perform that evening to the creature guests who are present including zebras, bongos, nyalas, kudu, quetzal, fireflies and my pups. As I perform from within the wagon on a tiny stage that earlier you can see off in the distance, the song travels through space along with the floating flowers and trees. The disk is a slice of tree, showing one that time does play history, the present and future through music.  This album won a  Hamilton Music Award  for  Best Album Art  and the music received two nominations from the  Independent Music Awards  for  Most Eclectic Song  and  Hamilton Music Awards  for  Best Adult Alternative .       
     My Heart Has Been Broken By One Unfit To Name   is a single two track lathe cut release for music I was commissioned to create for a Lynchian inspired indie film made in the UK. The screenwriter wrote the lyrics for me to adapt to music. To document the music, I released this single independently on a very limited edition lathe cut and designed the artwork as shown. The song is melancholic and so I wanted to create visuals that would compliment the dramatic tragic heartbreak depicted.       
    Yitka is a Czech born and raised folk music artist now residing in Canada. I designed and illustrated and photo edited the artwork for Yitka - Diplomatic Dream, a 2011 independent Canadian album release. Her son photographed her in an abandoned home and I pulled the wall paper from the background and carried it throughout the design theme and colour palette. I also edited her dress which was originally tie dye that competed too much with the composition and patterns surrounding her.      
    In 2007, Mark Wirtz asked me to design an album cover for Me by Zion De Gallier which he produced during the 1960s when he was an EMI/Abbey Road Studios producer and composer. This psychedelic pop song had never been properly released however Mark expressed an interest to release the single on vinyl 45.      
    The Double Feature Creatures was a girl band that I formed when I graduated Graphic Design and completed post-grad studies in 3D Animation as well as Interactive Multimedia. Years after the band recorded and broke up, I released this archive of our music in 2005 entitled, ‘Return!’ on Teen Sound Records in Italy. I designed and illustrated the album artwork. You may listen to the album here where it is also available for purchase:       
     In 2002, I designed the album art for this three CD set of classical Indian music from Texas: Sri Ramakrishna Sarada Bhajan Mandali. I was provided the illustrations of the people/gods and from there I incorporated fabrics and kept the colour palettes to match the provided artwork.        
    A Superman DVD XBOX combo package concept that I designed for Warner Bros using a metal case.       
    Truestar Health TrueBAR packaging that I designed. I also photographed the protein bars.    
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